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Consulting Structural Engineers

What do structural engineers do?

As the work of structural engineers is not familiar with everyone, this page provides an introduction to the work of structural engineers. Architects, or those who are working in the building or construction industry, will probably be familiar with the work of structural engineers, so do please skip this introductory page to discover a little more about JS Engineering Design Ltd. See the checklist below for what to look for when choosing structural engineers.
  Structural engineering is about ensuring a structure is capable of standing up and can withstand the pressures of use that the building is subjected to - including the potential weather conditions for the locality. Engineers prove this by mathematical calculations in order to satisfy the Local Authority Building Control that a design is safe. This work complements the work of architects, who are the spatial and aesthetic experts of building design and construction.
  Common tasks:
  A house buyers survey of a property indicates some bulging, cracking or potential subsidence. Structural engineers then undertake an inspection and report to determine whether or not the problem is serious and gives recommendations on appropriate remedial actions.
Alterations to a property. Structural Engineers will check the effect of the alterations on the structure of the building. Advice will be given on any strengthening required and the design of new lintels, beams, walls or foundations carried out as needed.
Building foundations. Structural Engineers can undertake a site inspection to establish the nature of the ground and then design suitable foundations for the building.
Our product
We usually produce a mixture of:-

Calculations: Pages of calculations showing, for instance, the sizes of building elements needed and why.

Design details: For example, provide drawings to show:-

Layout of beams, walls, posts, foundations and their sizes.

Connection joints;

Truss layout;

Reinforcement that might be needed in the foundations.

When choosing structural engineers:

Check whether they are Chartered Structural Engineers and registered with the Engineering Council. Not all who call themselves structural engineers are Chartered and have passed the Institution of Structural Engineers exams. Chartered Structural Engineers will have M.I.Struct.E after their name.

Check whether they are properly insured. This means that they should hold Professional Indemnity insurance to cover their liability if things go wrong.

Consider choosing structural engineers who are approved by Constructionline - the U.K. government register of qualified construction services. Constructionline checks out the technical, managerial and financial backgrounds of businesses and have taken up references before approving their registration.

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